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Headaches and sinuses

Before chiropractic care, I always had a headache, and pain was a part of my life. I had pain in my neck, shoulders, and low back. I tried diet, exercise, Advil, Motrin, herbs, vitamins, you name it, I tried it! I began to think that, that was just the way it was--that there was nothing I could do about it, and that I would just have to live with the pain, and do the best I could. I did every thing with pain, it affected all areas of my life.

Then I tried Chiropractic. After only 5 or 6 adjustments I noticed I didn't live on Advil all day!! My life has changed--I don't do any sinus medicine anymore!

To other people who are suffering out there, I would like to say--Go see Dr. Wanken! Call the office and make an appointment today!!!

To the Doctor, I would like to say, I didn't realize how much pain I lived with until I didn't have it
anymore. Thank you Dr. Wanken--you have opened my eyes to the practice of chiropractic and I have seen the light, and am now without pain!


Shoulder Pain

Before chiropractic, I was getting to the point where my shoulder hurt so bad that when I wasn't working, I was lying down. I had seen several Medical Doctors for this condition, and they felt I had carpal Tunnel, and gave me a splint. That helped a little, but my shoulder was still in constant pain. I tried heat, analgesic rubs, and anti-inflammatory drugs, but nothing helped. My condition affected every area of my life, negatively.

However, since trying chiropractic, I feel better than I ever did before! I have a better attitude and less pain!! I don't dread getting up any more. I have made steps toward being more active, and spending more time with my kids. I do things with my friends again, instead of not wanting to do anything because of constant pain. To all those out there who are suffering, I would like to say--TRY CHIROPRACTIC!!! And to the Doctors, I would like to say, thank you soooo much!

F. B.

Cumulative Pains, Numbness, Neck Pain and Depression

Before chiropractic, my life was pretty pitiful. I was in pain a lot. I just got used to it, so my attitude was sad, and I was depressed a lot--my future looked dim. I had seen regular doctors for this condition and they put me on Anti-depressants. I tried mild exercises like swimming and walking, but was still suffering. With my children I was crabby, my quality of life was poor--I didn't have energy to even desire to do anything.

After trying chiropractic, I felt hope. I gained a better understanding of what was happening to me. It's like a dark cloud was lifted and now all I have is sunshine, hope and a good attitude towards the future!!

To those who are still suffering I would like to say--DON'T!!!! There's no reason to punish yourself! Get help!

To the doctors I would like to say, Thank you so very much, and God bless Chiropractors!!--Especially you two!!


Tiredness and Moodiness

Before chiropractic, my life was pretty normal, except I got tired easily, and I got angry pretty easily. I was grumpy a lot. This was due to how I felt. I couldn't lift heavy objects, and it was hard to move my neck, I could not look down and work. As far as sports went, I could hardly move.

Since trying chiropractic, I feel more energetic and my attitude has improved.

To others suffering I would like to say, don't put up with the pain, at least get examined so you know what's going on.

To Dr. Wanken I would like to say, keep encouraging people toward chiropractic care--it fixes the problem, it doesn't just relieve it for a while!


Asthma, Allergies, and Bronchitis

When I was young I hurt my mid-back, and my mother, having some knowledge of the benefits of
chiropractic, took me to a chiropractor. This accident turned out to be a blessing in disguise! I was allergic to everything and needed shots and prescription medicine to control it. Now, after chiropractic, I am drug free! No more Asthma, allergies, or bronchitis! I'm at optimal health. . . . Subluxation free, and on wellness care once a week. Thanks to all of the chiropractors who helped me along the way--you saved my life!!!

Dr. Jay

Back and Neck Pain

I am 56 years old, I had pain in several areas of my back and neck and I was unable to walk more
than 10 minutes without feeling discomfort.

Since starting chiropractic care, I went on vacation and was able to walk extended periods of
time, plus I was able to climb 75 ft. towers without discomfort or restrictions!!! Thank you

Cheryl L.


I am 22 years old. Before trying chiropractic, I had serious headaches and mid back pain. Since I have been under chiropractic care, I hardly ever--if ever, get headaches anymore!!! My mid back pain is totally gone, and I also don't feel as fatigued as I did prior to getting adjustments.

Kristy K.


I am 11 years old, and I first came to the chiropractor because in cross country running there was a lot of pain in my lower back, my neck was hurting a lot and I was pigeon-toed (my feet turned inward, instead of pointing straight), and my one leg was shorter than the other.

Since starting chiropractic care I have noticed that my hip no longer hurts. My neck isn't hurting at all, and I can walk straight now!!! Go Vikings!! Alicia C.

Migraines and Stiff Neck

I am 55 years old, and I first came to the chiropractor because I was having migraine headaches and lower back pain. Since having chiropractic care, my migraine headaches are gone and the range of motion in my neck is much improved. My lower back pain is gone, and I feel great!!!!

Nancy M.

Back Pain and Limited Motion

I am 26 years old. I came to the chiropractor with lower and middle back pain. Now that I have been under care, I have experienced an amazing reduction in the amount of back pain I was having--to the point where it is almost eliminated altogether now. I have also noticed an increase in my range of motion.

Pete S.

Over-all Soreness and Fatigue

I am 65 years old and I first gave chiropractic a try because Dr. Wanken came and did scan at Econo Foods. I didn't realize that what I was experiencing was not normal. Since being under care, I have experienced the ability to be on my feet for long periods of time, without pain--which wasn't the case before, and now I can also walk long distances.

Donna F.


I am 42 years old, and I was first interested in chiropractic when Dr. Wanken came to our store and was doing scanning. My test results showed that I was out of alignment in my neck and lower back region--so I decided to give chiropractic a try. I have learned so much since then! I believe that my energy level has increased greatly. I don't feel the stress as much as I did before, and it has helped me to relax and to take care of myself better and more regularly.

Karen F.

Side Pain, and Urinary Track Problems

I am 67 years old. I first came to the Chiropractor, because I had seen the results of a scan done on my spine, and I wanted to see if chiropractic could help. Since being under Chiropractic care, my back has felt much better and my right side seems to be in-line with my left side now! I have also noticed that my urinary track is better. Thank you chiropractic!

John P.


I am 46 years old, and I first came to the chiropractor because I was suffering from painful tension
headaches, and also soreness in my neck, and lower back. Since being adjusted, my headaches are
gone! My neck and back feel much better and also I can tell that my back looks much straighter. Thanks!



I am 35 years old. I first came to the Chiropractor because of a work-related back problem, and I no longer had feeling in my right hand. Since starting chiropractic care, I have noticed better movement in my lower back and more movement and feeling in my fingers on my right hand.

Richard A.


My name is Dr. Carolyn Wanken, and I am 27 years old. I first came to the chiropractor because I had fallen off the uneven parallel bars in 8th grade and injured my mid-back. Since beginning a corrective care program my chronic headaches went away, I have more energy, I don't get sick often and my lupus is in remission!! Chiropractic has saved my life!


I am 42 years old, and I first came to the chiropractor because My lower back hurt and I had neck pain that would increase when I was under stress. Since starting chiropractic care, I have absolutely no back pain! Also, when I get adjusted each week, it helps to eliminate the stress I tend to carry in my shoulders and neck. Thank you! Roxane J.


I am 42 years old and I first came to the chiropractor because I had fallen while shoveling snow and had hurt my neck and back. However after being under chiropractic care I found that not only was the stiffness and pain in my neck and back gone, but also when I went back to the doctor, he took a cholesterol test and it had dropped 72 points just since I had started chiropractic care!!! I also had to get new glasses because my eyes had improved! Try chiropractic--it works!!



I am 17 years old. I first came to see the chiropractor because I was having low back pain and it was preventing me form being active, because it increased with movement. Since getting adjusted, my lower back pain has disappeared and my neck also has more rotation. It also made me have less pain during physical activities.

Martin P.


In general, I am a pretty healthy and active person. I am familiar with chiropractic and know that having regular adjustments helps boost my energy levels and maintain the quality of life I enjoy. I had been under chiropractic care for 7+ years, but had a lapse in my care after relocating to the Twin Cities. I was still exercising, stretching getting massages and getting proper rest, but I still noticed reduced energy levels that resulted in inefficiency and ultimately frustration with daily activities. Also, increased irritability. Since restarting chiropractic care I have received exactly the result I was looking for--increased energy!
If I could say one thing to others, it would be--Live is too short to be unhappy and slave to your pain and your insurance company! Take control of your life, stop to smell the roses, read a book, remember that knowledge is power, and make sure you have the energy to enjoy it all!! Dr. Wanken, you need a larger office!

Wendy N.


I first started chiropractic care because someone else wanted me to, and they told me that it
would be good for me. I didn't really understand it, but I thought I would give it a try anyway. At that time, I could not sit or stand in the same position for more than 10 minutes without pain. However, it had been this way for as long as I could remember, so I didn't realize that it wasn't normal, and I just accepted it. After being under care for several months, one day I realized that I didn't have that pain anymore, and I could sit or stand all day without being sore! I have been under care ever since!

Chiropractic has brought me to a much greater understanding of how my body works, and how optimal health is actually attainable!!! I rarely get sick, and no longer worry about "catching some horrible disease", or just having my health deteriorate as I get older. I will be under chiropractic care for life, and I will always make sure that my family is, too!! If there is one thing I could say to everyone it would be--Try chiropractic!!--It really makes sense when you think about it! Take charge of your own health! Don't let some insurance company, or a medical doctor, or your circumstances decide your level of health for you! Know the facts for yourself--and live by them!

Cami H.


When we started receiving chiropractic care, my husband and I were in generally good health. However, now we enjoy more energy on a consistent basis and have been able to reduce the amount of allergy medicines we take.

Probably the most impressive change was in our one-and-a-half year old daughter. She's battled ear infections since her birth, and like any child enrolled in day care, was getting sick almost monthly. We were buying a prescription for her almost every four weeks.

Since receiving chiropractic care, she's been sick ONCE in six months and has had NO EAR
INFECTIONS!!! Better yet, we have not ordered a prescription or had Erika on any medicines in six months.

I have to admit; my husband and I were skeptical about chiropractic because of our lack of knowledge. We have seen through drastic improvement in our own family's health, and best of all, it's been medicine-free.

Todd and Laura S.


When I first came to see Dr. Wanken I had very serious allergy and breathing problems. I also had problems with my knees locking up, and I had pulled out my shoulder from lifting something. Before I saw Dr. Wanken I had also seen a medical doctor and he did a breathing test and he said that I had mild asthma, and he gave me some Allegra to stop my coughing, and my nose from constantly running. I also tried allergy sprays, but nothing was working. My quality of life was very poor.

My children could do nothing but watch me suffer. I was in pain all the time, I would cough until I would vomit, and I was depressed a lot. I could not enjoy sports or recreation because of the wheezing and coughing and I could not drive or sit for very long without my knees locking up, so that I couldn't get

Since being under Chiropractic Care, I got my knees back, my nose doesn't run anymore, I have much more energy to get things done, and I think I lost some weight! I can now move my shoulder again, and it no longer hurts. Consequently, I can now get a good nights sleep, and I can drive or sit for long periods of time without having to worry if I will be able to get up. I have a whole new attitude and outlook on life! If I could say one thing to others, it would be "Go to Dr. Wanken--she can help you! Please try Chiropractic, Drugs are not the answer!"

--Karen J.


Before Chiropractic Care was introduced to me, I had headaches at least 4-6 times a month. I took lots of Tylenol and Advil. I also had trouble with low back pain and I suffered from painful kidney stones. I went to the medical doctor and he did a cat scan, and confirmed that I had at least two kidney stones lodged in my kidneys.

Since being under chiropractic care, I feel so much healthier! I have learned so much about over all health. I have had no kidney stones since! I have no more headaches and boy, I believe chiropractic care is the best thing to have for a much healthier life! My life now is very pleasant. I will be living longer than most people, because of the health benefits of Chiropractic, and I'm going to make sure my children will also be under chiropractic care! If I could say one thing to others who are suffering, it would be, Please don't wait any longer to go to a Chiropractor, the longer you wait the more you're going to suffer. Go see Dr. Wanken now!!

--Todd H.


Before Chiropractic Care, my state of health was not well. I had trouble with headaches, and my quality of life was pretty ok, but painful at times. Headaches would often hamper my fun.

So far, since being under Wellness Chiropractic Care, I have less stress, because I have less pull in my upper back and shoulder, and my headaches have been minimized. I can definitely tell they are going away.

To others who are suffering I would like to say, pay attention to your spine--it's "everything"!

-- R. C.


Before I was under Chiropractic care, my health was fair, but I was dealing with pain between my shoulders, and consistent pain in my low back, which was causing me loss of sleep. I tried muscle relaxants and therapeutic massage, but got no permanent relief.

Since being under Dr. Wanken's Chiropractic Care, I have noticed more energy, a better quality of life, more painless movements, and improved sleep. To those out there who have not yet tried Chiropractic, I would like to say, "Try it, you'll like it!!" And to the Doctor, I would like to say "Thanks!"

S. L.

Low Back Pain and Headaches

Before I started Chiropractic Care, my health was okay most of the time, until my low back would go out on me for no apparent reason. I had tried muscle relaxing creams, Iburofen, and Massage. Nothing fixed the problem and gave me permanent relief.

Since trying Chiropractic I have had less pain, and more mobility, and less headaches! I am now able to carry my baby more easily and with much less pain.

I want people to know that Chiropractic Care is safe and that they should give it a try before doing more radical alternatives. You have nothing to lose, and only health to gain. Thank you Wanken family Chiropractic for providing a fun, relaxed and healthful experience for me and my family.


Ear Infections and Eczema

My son began treatment at 8 months old. He had eczema and ear infections and never slept very well. We
had tried several antibiotics for the ear infections. We also tried tea tree oil in his ears, and some lotions for his eczema.

After a few weeks of chiropractic care he was sleeping better and after a few months, no more ear infections and the eczema has improved.

To other mothers I would like to say, try chiropractic care for your children, it is safe and gentle. Try it before trying more extreme medical procedures--there are no side effects to Chiropractic Care!

Thank you to the Doctor for always being willing to check my son's ears to see if they were clear. Thanks so much for treating him so kindly and gently.


Overall Pain & Restricted Activities

Thank you for giving me a good part of my life back! Before I saw Dr. C, I never felt good and I was in pain all the time. I couldn't bend over to do my gardening, I couldn't golf, I couldn't drive 12 miles to work, I couldn't sit for more than a few minutes without being in a lot of pain. I had every test you can think of--Cat Scans, MRI's, X-rays, Scopes of all kinds, etc.--thirteen months worth of different tests with different
doctors at different clinics and all they could say is, "We will treat you for gastro reflux and IBS but that isn't what is causing the pain. You are just going to have to learn to live with it."

Two friends told me I should see a Chiropractor. One told me about Dr. Carolyn, and I thought, "What do I have to lose? I'll give it a try." It was one of the smartest things I've ever done! I'm no longer in pain all the time. I can do the things I enjoy again. I sleep better and I have been able to stop most of the meds for the IBS and Gastro Reflux and we've only just begun! Thank you very much!

Lori K.


Before Chiropractic Care my lower back was in pain continuously, and my neck had a very limited range of motion. I routinely experienced tingling in my right leg and my right hand, like they were "asleep". There were a few times when I was so bad I could not get up out of bed.

This hasn't happened since 1991, when I began chiropractic care. Like I said, I have been seeing a chiropractor on and off since 1991. Prior to that, I had a large board that I would put at an angle and lie upside down. This would ease the pain when it was extreme, because it took pressure off of my nerves and disks. I did go to a medical doctor once in 1991 complaining of lower back pain. He mentioned surgery, and I know there had to be a better way. I have been coming to Dr. Carolyn regularly since 2001.
Before that time, I had difficulty with routine life. I could not ever check my blind-spot while driving. My favorite activities, like gardening and walking for exercise, were difficult. I routinely had to ice my lower back to relieve my pain.

Now I never experience excruciating pain. I am sometimes sore, but not for long. I come to Wanken Family Chiropractic once per week. The range of motion in my neck has greatly improved, and I can now turn my head to check my blind-spot while driving! I can participate without pain in my hobbies like walking and gardening. If I could say one thing to people it would be, please give it a chance. Go for a couple months on a regular basis. Your health and life will improve, but if it doesn't what have you got to lose?

To the Doctors I would like to say Thank You! I wish that my health insurance would cover the cost of my chiropractic care, but it does not. I have appealed their decision, but I have lost. They feel that since the
symptoms are gone, it is not medically necessary any longer. So I cover the cost of my chiropractic care,
but it is worth it. My life is so much better that I am willing to pay for the entire cost of this care out of my

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Kris checked into Chiropractic care when she was about 5 months pregnant and having back pain. After the entire family visited Wanken Chiropractic and reviewed our scans we made the commitment to begin treatment.

Health wise our 2-year-old daughter, Samantha, had continuous colds during the winter months, Kris had migraine headaches, and Tim had lower leg pain when standing for any period of time.

Chiropractic care has helped Kris through her pregnancy with less pain and discomfort. Her headaches went away with an adjustment. Most importantly Kris gave birth without any drugs due to the education and encouragement from Dr. Carolyn. Tim's lower leg pain has gone away, his lower back in more in alignment, and feels like he is walking straighter and is more comfortable. Our 2 year old loves her adjustment's and has found much enjoyment in adjusting Rosie in the office and Mommy & Daddy at home. We hope it is a sign that she will be our future chiropractor. She has had a few colds during the winter, but has not had any other health issues while many family and friends have had the flu and other viruses. Our newest family member, Sydney, now 2 weeks old received her first adjustment within 24 hours of birth. She is a happy and content baby and is VERY relaxed during her adjustments (she sleeps through them). We hope she can by pass the colds all together.

We feel Chiropractic care has helped our bodies begin to fight ailments that typically we would have medicated to cure. We also know that taking care of our bodies now will only pay off as we age and we are all for that. Dr. Wanken has provided us with better feeling bodies, education on the body and general health as well as lots of topics in the medical world that have been real eye openers.

Thank you Dr. Carolyn!

The J. Family

My First Chiropractic Experience

When I came to Wanken Family Chiropractic during the summer of 2003, it was the first time I had ever met with a chiropractor. I had heard a lot of negative things about chiropractors (as well as the medical profession in general), but at age 44, with a long history of back pain and other symptoms, I decided to give it a try.

When I underwent my initial testing and consultation I found out that I had one of the most severe series of back misalignments that Dr. Wanken had ever seen. This did not surprise me, since during the past few years my back pain had been so severe at times that I would be unable to rise out of bed without hanging onto the wall and literally forcing myself to stand. On some occasions I would experience sharp pain in my lower back simply while standing, sitting, or walking. At other times my lower back would hurt so bad that I could not lean forward or tie my shoes without considerable pain. My back pain woke me up during the night on a regular basis for many years. However, since other members of my family also experienced similar symptoms, I had always thought that these problems were something I simply had to live with.

What really amazed me, though, was the information I received at the chiropractic office that described the relationship between spinal alignment and overall health. I knew very little about this aspect of chiropractic care. Since I had been suffering from a series of long term health problems, including neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, central and lower back pain, numbness in my legs and feet, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, frequent headaches, sinus problems, fatigue, and an overall feeling of being unwell, the choice was easy--undergo a program of chiropractic care.

Although I was informed that overall holistic changes came slowly, for me the initial results of chiropractic care were dramatic. I will never forget leaving Wanken Family Chiropractic after receiving my very first adjustments. I got into my car and began driving home, and at first did not feel any different. Within a few minutes I experienced an unusual warm sensation of relaxation pass through my hips, legs, and feet, and I felt as though I had not really 'felt' my legs for many years. During the next several months of treatments, my back pain and headaches receded, and my cholesterol level dropped. I began to have more energy and made other dietary and lifestyle changes as well.

After six months of adjustments, I can say without a doubt that my spinal condition and overall wellness have improved dramatically. I have begun to 'take my health into my own hands' and become more active in sports that I have never tried before--swimming, basketball, even taking a walk for an hour each day. I have also redesigned my exercise program and weight training plan to be better for my spine. Even though I still have a long way to go with some of my chronic health problems, some due to hereditary factors, I am extremely pleased with the progress I have made, and I know I will always make spinal health a part of my overall wellness plan. Thank you Dr. Carolyn!

Terry M.

River Falls, Wisconsin

Bobbie's Story

When I first came to the Chiropractor I was having difficulty with ulcerative colitis, back pain, neck pain, and abdominal bloating. I had tried several routes to get healthier, such as exercise, nutritional supplements, identifying food allergies & eliminating them, and also medicine. My overall level of health affected me, in that it kept me stuck at home a lot. Since being under Chiropractic Care I have more comfort when I sit down. I get to go more places and do more things because I feel over all healthier, and I am happier.J If I could say one thing to other people about Chiropractic it would be--"Why not?! It should be a staple in your healthy lifestyle!" To my Chiropractors I would like to say that I really appreciate the kindness, patience and knowledge you bring with you to every visit!

Foot And Neck Pain

Before I started Chiropractic, I had foot pain especially in my heels as well as lower back pain. I also had neck pain off and on since my teen years. I was active, in basket ball, biking and hiking but had to hold back because of the foot pain. I also lifted weights, but only light weights because my neck would hurt if I strained too much. This condition affected my everyday life in that, my feet would hurt while I was at work, and then I would come home and just want to sit and not run around with the kids. It also affected my disposition because basketball is my stress release and when it became jeopardized with foot pain I got very nervous and crabby. The only thing I tried before Chiropractic Care was Massage. I would get a massage when the pain was really bad. This would help loosen things up for a while, but did not take the problem away.

Since being under Chiropractic care I have no back pain or foot pain! My posture has improved. And migraine headaches have basically disappeared, and that was a big bonus that I didn't expect! I feel stronger and "straighter" with more physical confidence! With my foot pain gone, I took up running and I race in many 5 & 10k races over the summer.

If I could say one thing about Chiropractic to people who are suffering with health problems it would be, "If you have back problems, it affects every thing you do in life. Pain hurts! Don't mask the pain with medicine--fix what causes the pain!!

Concerning my Chiropractors I would like to say:

Dr. Carolyn and Cami are sweethearts.

--Chuck K.

Marty's Success Story

Before coming to Wanken Family Chiropractic I had my gall bladder removed, because I was unable
to process most foods. I had severe lower back pain, and had a spinal fusion done in 1993. I also had neck pain from rotator cuff arthroscopies. A medical doctor recommended that I have a colonoscopy and have half of my large colon removed due to severe diverticulitis. On a normal day for me I would take between 4 and 9 Tylenol. Before coming here my life full of pain, I was at the end of my patience and thought pain and discomfort were inevitable.

My health problems affected time with my grandchildren, because I tired out easily, and needed time to lie flat. Soon lying flat was my favorite pastime. Sitting in a car for long drives put me in excruciating pain. Also my sport and hobby life became non-existent.

My life since being under Chiropractic care has improved a lot. I am relieved that I didn't have to have my colon removed, because that is an irreversible procedure. I am feeling much better and eating things I could never eat before. I can enjoy hobbies and sports without taking pills. My whole out look on life has changed and I am now a more positive person.

If I could say one thing to those out there who are suffering from health problems, and not sure what to do. I would say, Give it a chance, you only have pain and discomfort to lose!

I would like to say THANK YOU to Dr. Carolyn. I am so blessed that you turned my health around!

Chiropractic and Cerebral Palsy

Heather, Skyler & Rowan recently started receiving Chiropractic care. Their main reason for coming to Wanken Family Chiropractic was because of Rowan. Rowan has Cerebral Palsy, acid reflux, aspirations, he wears leg braces, and is head circumference was not growing. Before Chiropractic care Rowan was at the Doctor all the time, he could not sit for long periods of time, he could not sleep through the night, was not eating table food and was on several medications. They tried many things to help Rowan such as; Physical Medical Rehabilitation, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and saw a Neurologist.
However, they didn't see the results they wanted. His health problems started to affect their family time together. Heather missed a lot of work, because she did not feel comfortable leaving him with a babysitter.
It also her took time away from her daughter Skyler.

Since being under Chiropractic care Rowan is doing extremely well, he is eating a variety of foods and is now able to eat table food. Rowan's head circumference has increased to a noticeable amount. He is now more joyful and playful, and can enjoy stroller rides. Rowan has now been sleeping through the night every night. Our life is different now because they can enjoy their time together. They go for walks and do
activities as a family. They also can now go out for dinner as a family. Heather has been able to work more hours, because she feels comfortable leaving Rowan with a babysitter.

Heather says to all those out there who are not sure if they should try Chiropractic or if it will work for them, "Just try it, it never hurts to try!"

Thank you Dr. Carolyn!

The P. Family

Lack of Sleep, Back Pain

Before starting chiropractic care I had a very sore back, was unable to sleep and had general fatigue. General medicine didn't help me and I was having problems in my daily life. The pain in my back was so bad I could not lift my young daughters. I was unable to continue marathon training because of the pain. Since I could not sleep I was extremely tired. This affected everything I did.

After my first adjustment, I was able to sleep through the entire night! This had been eluding me for several months. It was amazing! I have more energy because I can now sleep. My back feels so much better that I am able to run without ANY pain! I will be competing in a marathon in a few more weeks. Chiropractic is wonderful!

I want to thank the doctors. You have been extremely helpful. I am so glad that I stopped in! To anyone reading this that is skeptical, just give it a try. Believe me, you will be amazed at the results. Chiropractic is the best thing that I have done for my health!

~P.J. 2008